A Sims 4 Legacy: The Waywards

I don´t know how to start this, I´m a noob to blogging. But I have been playing legacies before, since TS2 anyway. Never completed one though so we´ll see what comes of this, I will do my best/worst.
I´m pretty much playing by Pinstars rules and won´t be cheating that much 😇
My Succession Law:
Gender Law: Strict equality
Bloodline Law: Strict Traditional
Heir Law: MY LAW 💪
Species Law: Tolerant
10 (maybe more) generations of fun and probably some, or a lot of pain. Let´s get this show on the road.
Meet the lovely founder of this legacy:
This is Elliot Wayward, a hot headed, slobbish naturalist who wishes to be a Freelance Botanist. He will be residing in Blythe Harbor by the awesome Jenba. Lawn living from the start of course as befits any serious legacy founder 😁
“It´s just like camping. I like camping”. Don´t I know it, outdoorsy and all. Nothing much to see here so let´s go checking out the town. We need to find a girl to share all of this lovely…lawn.
The gym is a good place to score pretty ladies aaand…..

to WATCH sports. Because that is what you´ll do at a gym 😉
Here comes Dina. Elliot, get off your ass and go talk to the pretty lady.
“Hey there babycakes, I couldn´t but see you´re all alone here among all of these sweaty, adrenaline pumping guys. Care for some cloudgazin´?”
  I´m sure that´s not why she came here but she went for it. Laying on the cold asphalt looking up at   the sta…um roof beside a complete stranger. Sounds completely safe and romantic to me. They got along really well too so I sent them on a trip to…
   the library. A great romance spot, if you are a geek or a bookworm. But it didn´t seem to matter, they enjoyed themselves anyway.
Enjoyed themselves indeed…..
So much that Dina decided to take it off 😲 Real subtle there girl, don´t make him beg for it, just give it instantly for free. He asked her to be his girlfriend at once.
I was trying out some settings on the MCCC and all of a sudden most of the townies walked around shirtless. Not cool because I am a lazy bitch and refuse to CAS them all. Luckily there is a “randomize outfit” choice in MCCC so when I see I naked sim they´ll at least get some clothes. Dina however, got her regular top and shoes back since she is the soon to be legacy spouse.
  After kissing his beloved goodnight, Elliot returned home. Stinky and exhausted but happy.
It´s bad when you wake up from your own stench and filthyness despite being a slob.
The next day it was time to start collecting. Running around the neighborhood in your underwear picking flowers. Yeah. The dude in the background fishing is one of the shirt/shoeless so who cares right?
Dina stopped by while Elliot was out gathering stuff. Pretty pretty Dina 😀
 “I´m leaving our lovely spanish hacienda for this?” She stood there contemplating her fate for a while and then walked off. Poor thing.
Elliot managed to collect quite a few veggies and flowers and started his garden. It will take a while before it will become profitable so there will be a lot of running around to make ends meet and actually be able to get some roof over head.
After that I sent him on a date with Dina, reeking all green again. He tried to kiss her but she would have none of it. Comes from the girl that showed the goods at the library.
“And who´s to blame huh? That the whole fucking town have become nudists?” Oh I know, my mistake. Now stop fussing and give in to Elliot´s manly “charm”.
That she did, more then willingly….
Not THAT willingly guys! This generation is supposed to have values, no wohooing before marriage! “Huh huh, I go with pretty lady into closet”. I pretty much let my sims do what they want autonomously and this is what they usually want to do. This time only a “innocent” make out though.
I really need to get these two hitched before something “unexpected” happens.
“Oh Dina you are the light of my life and I can´t live without you. Will you marry me and live with me on my gigantic lawn until….”
“Sigh, just give me the ring already.”
“Take me home country boy”.
And this is where I will end this first chapter. Next time wedding, babies? A roof over head maybe?

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