Chapter 2

Hello and welcome to another chapter of The Wayward Legacy! Last time Elliot moved in to his lawn, met Dina Caliente, fell in love and got engaged. So what will happen next?


Well look at you handsome. Off to get hitched huh?
“I haven´t slept all night, running round collecting and fixing the garden. Then the bills came  and I´m broke again”. Sounds like RL to me *shrugs*.


“Hey babe, ready to do this?”


The guest list consisted of the mother of the bride and her boy toy and some random guy in the  background heading for the bar.


No one gave a shit about the ceremony so the happy couple got married on their own.



Congratulations.Dina was moved in and sent home by the game. I brought her back because I thought it would be a nice “wedding party/outing”. It never is 😡


“WOOW it´s lika a supernova”. Yeah like you would now what that actually is. Crappy fireworks in the middle of the day is crappy.


The “guests” gathered upstairs and Katrina and random guy (I think his name is Tyson) seemed to hamming it up. Don not so much. “Honey who is that guy? Why are you talking like that to him? Honey…?”01-15-17_8-04-41-pm

“You don´t love me anymooooar sniff sniff”. Good lord man, get a hold of yourself. This is a wedding you know. Katrina just watched him and walked away. “I hate it when they get all soft and klingy.”


Katrina: “Tyson wait! Let´s go to my fabulous spanish villa and have a cup of “tea”. Tyson..?”
Don: “Dina how could you do this to me, I thought you and I were a thing *sob*”
Dina: Oh get over yourself Donnie, you are the biggest man whore in sim universe. We were never a “THING”. They were romantic interests though so I had her tell him to be Just Friends.


He didn´t seem to mind though and left right after Katrina. “Yeah so long bitches. I´m gonna call Nina now for a heavy workout”. Biggest. Manwhore. Ever.


The newly weds went to check out the telescope, mostly because they don´t own a bed yet.


Yup, first wohoo in your life, on your wedding day, in a park in a telescope. Could be worse but I´m not gonna come with any suggestions on how.


Dina was exhausted and went to sleep right away in the new, sucky bed. But it´s better then sleeping on the ground I guess.


Elliot took off collecting because we really need to get working on some kind of house. No honeymoon for you.


When Dina woke up she was both starving and nauseous at the same time. “Must be all that excitement from yesterday at the wedding”. Yeah that must be it. Probably 😆


YESSSS! You are making your creator very pleased. “UUUgh what? From throwing up? The creator must be a weird one.” Oh sweetie, weird is not the word.


Baby nr 1 on the way!


“That telescope humping yesterday knocked me up”.
“How?”No genius, but as I said, we really really need to get cracking on building a house.


The garden is coming around nicely but doesn´t give much money yet so I sent Elliot to do some more collecting.


Wow. The money he got from selling stuff was just enough to build this gem with the shower and toilet still outside. Well it´s a start.


That´´s it for this time. Next time there will be baby(s), more gardening and collecting…gardening, collecting. Fun stuff. Until then 💓




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