Chapter 3

I am so bored! This time of year sucks being totally destitute after christmas and all. I´m having an appointment with a doctor today because I´m kinda hearing voices in my head (I´m bipolar) so that´s a change I guess. Positive thinking.

Enough of that and on to the Waywards. When we last left them Dina was preggers and they built a shack with the few simoleons earned from collecting.


Yeah I hear you, I know I have forced you to run around without any fun time or ANYTHING. But we need the money! And the gardening skill. Now work it boy!


His wife had a more relaxed point of view, and she´s the active one. “It´s good for the baby”. I guess she´s right.


When Elliot came home all smelly after running around the hood all day he demanded some fun. It was actually Dina that propositioned him 🙂 “I know exactly what you need baby” and jumped his bones. Good girl.


After a shower and some toileting they decided to go to the park. Not much to do on this lot anyway besides dancing and wohoo. Gets kinda monotonous after a while.


Feeling babybump 🙂 “I think it´s a boy”. No, no boys. We want girls. Don´t get me wrong, I love boys but we are running with Strict Equality and that means no boy can be heir this gen.


I forgot to mention Dinas LTW. It´s to become a Master Mixologist so we need to start practicing those mixing skills.


Mocking the bartender for being preggers huh? Jaques his usual charming self, living as a hobo in the parks while owning a large manison on the island. His own family probably cant stand him or he cant stand them. Asshole.


And some autonomous flirting in front of Malcolm who by the looks is totally numb.


Fond memories of the wedding day huh. I swear these guys take every chance they get to wohoo. Bunny rabbits.


The inside of the “house”. With the newly bought computer that is the main source for entertainment.


We need someone to paint portraits so Dina got an easel.


“Hi Don what´s up? No I don´t want to go on a date to the bluffs, why don´t you call mum.)


“Oh shit I think my water just broke, can I call you back?”


“Oh god honey you´re in labour what do I do what do I do?!” Jaques: “Do not care. Get over here and invite me in so I can insult you and yell at you for no good reason”. Dina: *still on the phone with Don*.


Elliot then had a mental breakdown and started playing in the trash infront of his miserable wife. Way to be supportive there.


“How dare that slutty wife of yours spread her juices on the ground infront of me?! You should be paying me to visit your pig sty and bow before my glorious person!”.


“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU COMING TO MY YARD TALKING ABOUT MY WIFE LIKE THAT!? Yup, there goes his hot headed nature, it was only a matter of time. Dina: *In labor, desperatly cleaning the shower*.


“Your mother is a llama. I bet your wife is giving birth to a llama right now, genes like that runs in the family.”


“Maybe that moron is right. It sure feels like a llama clawing its way out of my uterus”.


No, no llama this time. It´s a BOY, naturally because I wanted a girl 😡 Well no can do, say hi to Winston Wayward, the first of gen 1.


The boys/men/idiots stood outside arguing and insulting each other during the birth not helping out at all.


“Man I´m pissed. I feel like dancing.” Moron.


The days went by with collecting stuff for selling…


Working until you´ll fall to sleep standing….


And taking care of baby Winston. With sporadic visits from stupid townies. “Hi I´m Bjorn, I´m here to occupy your computer for the next 12 hours so you cant get to it and have no fun at all”. Screw you Bjorn.


At last it was time for Winston to grow in to a TODDLER. His dad not giving a shit again.


AWW BB! First toddler ever in my game. Oh the cute! But my adoration would not last long let me tell you. These little buggers are hard to take care of. And he rolled Fussy for his Toddler Trait.


“Me hungwy, me sleepy but I cant sleep fow my nightmares”.


Because you feed your kid crisps when they´re starving.


“I hate my life.”


But it does not keep you from knocking your wife up again huh? “Blaaaruhaaagh, It´s not that, it´s food poisoning . Please let it be food poisoning…”. You´re in denial girl.


The house was getting really out of hand and no one had the energy or will to clean it up. Winston and the pregnancy really took its toll on the grown ups.


So they took in at a motel, leaving their toddler son at the daycare. I can feel you there guys 😉


To finally get some sleep in a not so crappy bed..


To eat in peace and socialize with other human(sim) beings.


“I´m in heaven”. Yeah, but not for long. Back to reality.



Another boy. Damn it! Welcome Carson Wayward. Now on with the slaughter.


“Daddy pway with me!” Go play for your self kid, daddy´s gotta work to keep you fed.



Poor Elliot. It´s worse then any ISBI I have ever played.


Carson as a toddler. Rolled the Wild trait. Lovely.


There are some cute and peaceful moments though.


When the terribles are a sleep.


So then one beautyful day Elliot was gathering stuff as usual, his wife called out for him. She had something to tell.You can see her in the background.


She walked all the way with a plate of pancakes in her hand, taking her time to get there. Hurry up before the hooligans wake up again!


“Guess what honey *twitch twitch*…”


“You are gonna be a daddy, again!” If he could have cried I think Elliot would have. I know I almost did.


He just took off, leaving his wife with her pancakes.


Then Winston grew up (FINALLY) but I didn´t get a picture of the caking. I was busy keeping everybody alive.


“Honey you´re in labor!” Dina: “I am? Then who´s gonna feed Carson now? He´s starving again because someone put him down without feeding him and went to sleep.” Carson: “Mummy no happy?”


No Carson, mummy is definently not happy right now. Go grab a plate yourself, there is rotten cake on the table.


Thank god it´s a girl! No more babies/toddlers for you Dina, you pulled your weight. This cutie pie is named Aria btw, and I will TRY to give a shit about her upbringing and toddler skills, she being the heir and all.

I will leave you with a pic of Winston sleeping on the couch. Poor thing was not impressed with his new sibling. Understandable.






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